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It's about tango...

It's Sunday morning, sort of early for me (9am) and autumn is clearly making its way into Berlin. Besides the colder weather, I'm happy to be back on my blog, and as I prepare for a tango concert this afternoon here in Berlin, I want to share a few things about tango with you :)

Tango is a very Argentinian thing, but strangely enough I didn't grow up with it (I'm from a province where you tend to hear a different kind of folklore, but not tango). However, when I lived and studied in Buenos Aires, I became more familiar with the genre, and - although I'm not a specialist - I have some really good references to share.

These four examples are all women, and I love them. It's probably the fact that most of them are also actresses that makes me feel they are "golden tango interpreters".

I hope you enjoy and learn something from looking at such good references!

Libertad Lamarque

Libertad was a well-known actress from the golden years of the film industry in Argentina and Mexico. At the same time, her beautiful voice and her interpretations were superlatives, and undoubtedly made her one of the great referents of tango.

Here is a short scene from "Canción del alma", a Mexican film from 1964, and then the tango "Uno".

Susana Rinaldi

"Tana Rinaldi", as she is known, is perhaps one of the most important tango interpreters of the XX-XXI century. She began her career as a classical singer and actress... and then life led her to tango.

Her way of speaking, singing and telling stories is just "unique".

This version of Balada para mi muerte is simply breathtaking.


María Graña

Maria always the sweet Maria Graña... her voice is a mixture of sweetness and goddess. Her way of phrasing, the pure and clear line of singing is simply delicious and it's anything but "tango". Her timbre is like an indelible trademark.

Lidia Borda

Another wonderful interpreter of the tango. I think she belongs to the new generations of tango... I love the balance she finds between speaking and singing voice. When you hear her, you can really feel the current rioplatense accent. It's really beautiful!

Her interpretations are always a gem!

Hope you an inspiring Sunday :




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