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Multidisciplinary performance

T u m u l u s is a boundless procession of thirteen dancing and singing bodies within the same practice, and as part of the same gesture. This project aims to combine these two arts and to think of dance and music together.
In the middle of the set, a mound takes over the space. It is covered in greenery; it is, simultaneously, a mausoleum and a landscape. It is a volume onto which the dancers-singers and the singers-dancers climb, hide, and flow.


Concept:  François Chaignaud and Geoffroy Jourdain

Choreography: François Chaignaud

Musical director: Geoffroy Jourdain

Assistant: Anna Chirescu

Musical director assistant: Louis Gal

Dramaturgy: Baudouin Woehl

Set designer: Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy
Light designer: Philippe Gladieux, Anthony Merlaud
Costume: Romain Brau

Sound manager: Aude Besnard, Camille Frachet,
Alban Moraud, Jean-Louis Waflart 
Production and administration:

Mandorle Productions and Les Cris de Paris.

Cast: Simon Bailly, Mario Barrantes, Florence Gengoul, Myriam Jarmache, Evann Loget-Raymond, Marie Picaut, Alan Picol, Antoine Roux-Briffaud, Vivien Simon, Maryfé Singy, Ryan Veillet, Aure Wachter, Daniel Wendler.

Tour 2022-2024:
France, Austria, Belgium, 
Spain, Portugal, Netherlands

Dance Moves Music Moves Dance

A 5-month research based on multidisciplinary approaches between contemporary dance, art song and baroque music.

Starting from art songs of German, French and Argentinian composers and the BWV 82 (Bach), I searched in collaboration with performers and musicians for possible methods, strategies and cons
tellations that give these pieces of music - through movement - a new perspective and new impulses.

How many possibilities are there to combine dance and music? Are there boundaries between these disciplines? What new poetry can emerge from this?

Concept and performer: 
Daniel Wendler

Pianist (art songs): 
Jinsil Koo

Recorder and musical director (baroque):
Mirjam Münzel

Cello:Salome Ryser
Harp and recorder:Céline Pasche

Assistant: Kiki Ramos
Camera and editing: Jorge Monges

Sound: Camilo Acosta

Berlin, Germany. 2022

In a work of music theatre that pits Gregorian chant against dribbling basketballs, Vöcks de Schwindt and their ensemble are on a quest for forms of closeness and intimacy between men. What strength and what serenity is there in Gregorian chant? What closeness and what distance can be found in basketball?


Concept & Staging Wenzel Vöcks de Schwindt
Performance & Singing Philipp Keßel, Ludwig Obst & Daniel Wendler
Dramaturgy & Production Assistance Leonie Adam
Dramaturgy Assistance Federico Vöcks de Schwindt
Costume Design Maja Avnat & Jojo Shone
Light Design Fabian Eichner & Wenzel Vöcks de Schwindt
Musical Supervision Patrick Orlich
Basketball Training Patrick Bingel & Fabian Masche
Direction Assistance & Stage Management Clara-Sophie Freitag
Direction Assistance Samuel Petit
Special Effect Eike Gero Vöcks
Administration Chris Wohlrab

Leipzig, Germany 2022

Soloists Vocal Ensemble
Lyrically oriented vocal ensemble from Berlin (Germany) with an original and versatile repertoire ranging from opera and sacred music to German Schlager.
Director: Mads Elung-Jensen
Berlin, 2019-2023


Christmas Concert - BWV 62, 91, 133, 142

Rosemarie Arzt, Soprano
Dörthe Haring, Alt.
Mads Elung-Jensen, Tenor
Daniel Wendler, Bass

Orchester Musica 1219

Kirchenchor St. Marien Strausberg
Musica Vocale Altlandsberg
A-Capella-Chor Strausberg
Hugo-Distler Chor
Gemischter Chor Strausberg und Gäste

Direction: Lothar Kirchbaum, Maraike Schäfer

December 2019
Müncheberg, Strausberg (Germany)

video-dance film
How many ways do we have to make a duet while trying not to fall into a romantic or dramatic or unidirectional narrative form itself? From here, attempts; Duet proofs.
Betiana Pujol Cajal - Daniel Wendler
Video and Editing: Jorge Monges

Berlin, Germany. March 2020