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singing lessons

Berlin vocal training

The human voice is - for me - one of the most incredible and complex instruments.

As singers, we not only have to learn how to "play" our instrument, but also build it up in its lutherie,

using many sensory and perceptual tools that aren't always easy to find or explain, while recognizing and (re)building up many patterns or habits, and dealing with everything that is going on in our "living instrument". That's why I understand a singing lesson as a process.


Each lesson has a different flow, depending on the student's desires and level,

but in general I bring three main moments into my teaching:

The first one, is something I like to call opening (body awareness, relaxation and stretching, alignment, breathing and support exercises), the second part is warming up or vocalizing (in a more classical/bel canto framework we work on different guidelines: coordination, line, agility, flexibility, phrasing, support, resonators, color, dynamics...) and the third part is repertoire (we try to apply the things we develop in vocalizing but focusing on style and interpretation).

Of course, students can choose the type of repertoire they want to sing,

and they can also get repertoire suggestions if they feel lost.


Coaching sessions (courses with a very specific goal, such as repertoire advice, audition repertoire,

stage preparation and "quick put- in shape"...) are also offered.


Duration: 1 hour (60 min)


Area: Berlin Schöneberg / Willmersdorf.

Languages: English, German and Spanish


Online sessions: via Skype.

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