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Stimme und feinste Gedanken: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau #wirliebendich

The first time I heard a recording by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, I was maybe in my early twenties and still living in Buenos Aires... I remember that the first thing that caught my attention was that his voice color connected me directly to a childhood memory of hearing my grandfather sing in German... I don't know if you know, but I grew up in a Volga German community in Argentina, where our grandparents' generation in particular still spoke a German dialect (a kind of Old German from the XVII century from southern Germany).

I love how life with its unpredictable developments makes me -now in Berlin- learn and improve the German song repertoire, and how this in a way brings me back to the origin...

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: last words

This documentary by Bruno Monsaingeon (2013) is an interview in which Dietrich gives a sort of summary of various moments in his career.

I think that many moments are worth preserving. I have selected just a few of them to share with you:

"Also, das Kühl bleiben, ist ja nichts gemacht.

Man muss wirklich dieselbe Hitze erreichen eigentlich, die der Komponist erreicht hat, als er es komponiert hat.

Danach, kommt erst der richtige Interpret, der durch sein gefühltes Herz sozusagen (…), sein starkes Gefühl mit dem, was er singt, ganz von alleine in eine andere Sphäre gerät."

Nothing can be done merely with cold calculation.

One must be penetrated by the same warmth as that the composer when he wrote.

Then and only then comes the true interpreter, who, with his heart fulfilled with emotion,

for what he sings, will transport you to another sphere.

"Er muss nicht nur im Kopf denken (…) Nein, das müsste sich eigentlich von alleine herstellen. Wenn die Stimme windig genug ist, wenn sie gehorch, sie muss gehorchen in den feinsten Gedanken im Hirn, schon das ist anders, muss gar nichts zu tun, eigentlich."

He shouldn't think with just his head (…) No, all this must come spontaneously. If one’s voice is nimble enough, if it responds, and it must respond to the slightest promptings of your brain,

there is nothing else one has to do.

I'm posting the full documentation below. If you have some time this weekend, please check it out. I just find it so inspiring.

Schönes Wochenende ihr Lieben!

See you around!


Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: Last Words Interviews 2013 Bruno Monsaingeon


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