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Hallo Leute!

My dear friends and curious people who visit my website, hello and thank you!

This is perhaps my favourite section on my website... here I will post absolutely everything related to my varied interests (music, vocal technique, dance, health, acting, philosophy, literature, poetry, multidisciplinary, my own writing and/or reflection, and so on)..

On the photo it's Pina (my cat) and me

el desorden is also in Ordnung

I will not necessarily post with an order. I will post related and random things... sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English, and sometimes in German...

This will be something like the attic or basement of my website (but a living one)

sharing is caring!

Feel free to leave your comment or opinion, even if you feel free to share anything you think is valid. Let us share and democratize the information.

grazie mille :)

If you get this far: THANKS! It's so nice to know that I share my path with so many wonderful people!

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