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SEASPIRACY - a war with the oceans?

Hi my friends, I'm back after a while, I've been very busy with a bunch of learning stuff #addinglayers (I'll post more about it later) BUT: I come with a movie recommendation: please watch "Seaspiracy" by filmmaker Ali Tabrizi... it's a tremendous film about abusive fishing and the whole clandestine industry that supports it. Here are a few impressions:

“We are at war with oceans, and if we win this war, we’re going to lose it all, because the mankind is not able to live on this planet with a dead sea”.


In many moments of the movie, I felt very powerless. I feel somehow naïve when I think of a better world in the face of this huge chain of conspiracy between politicians, drug and human trafficking, transnational organized crime and mafia.

Can I really do anything?

...I always feel that by the simple fact that I live in a hyper-developed society, I’m implicitly complicit. Dr. #SylviaEarle gives a hopeful answer at the end, when she talks about how every change in human civilization has always started with “some-one”, meaning: I can do my small (but necessary) part in my everyday life, every-one can do something to restore our relationship with the precious planet Earth and make it healthier.

The film is on Netflix... and I'm sure you can find it easily in any platform. Tell me what you think...!

Have a lovely weekend.


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